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Information Age

May 02, 1998 11:08 AM
by M K Ramadoss

According to an article titled " Teacher review site under fire by profs
 By Robert Lemos and Matthew Broersma, ZDNN, May 1, 1998 5:48 PM PDT" -

   " allows students, and anyone else, to get online and
   write in comments about 361 of the professors that teach at the City
   College. At issue: the more than 15 percent of the reviews that gave
   the teachers a grade of "Incompetent."

Everyone knows the "review" of teachers in colleges among student community
is well known and student make decisions on course selections on this
basis. The above website which is offsite and free, has irked the teachers.
What is worse is the continuous updates based on individual experiences and
such information is hard to disseminate. Where the line between defamation
and opinion is drawn will be decided as the whole issue evolves.

What the above points is the way feedback works in a democratic is evolving
and we will see more of it. What this does is to put a lot of light on the
doings of people in position of responsibility and power.


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