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Re: Psychism Bashing, Spiritualism, etc.

May 04, 1998 06:28 AM
by Mark Kusek

W. Dallas TenBroeck wrote:
> May 2nd 1998
> Dear Daniel and Mark:
> Yes, I believe that it inevitably takes time.  But, what is the
> rush for?  Do we want psychic "excitement," or do we desire to
> know what is there and how to handle it?  Why can we, with no
> experience, assure ourselves (against many warnings) that
> adventure there is without risks?  Very curious I say, sounds
> almost as though our common sense was being overwhelmed.

For the record, I am not, nor have I ever been interested in "exploring"
spiritualism, or astrally journeying to the psychic realm. It's not an
activity that I practice.

Even so, I find the whole question of "doing something that you haven't
done before" relative to life in this world as well as any other. Sure,
take your time, research, save, get the guidebook, make reservations,
plan your trip, be prepared, get your shots, go when you're ready, etc.
Even get "excited" about it and look forward to it if you want to.
Nothing wrong with that.

But the fact is, sooner or later, you ACTUALLY have to "go."
When you do, you can no longer avoid the risks, or the thrill of
adventuring into the new.
My advice: take your common sense with you.

You can't become a seasoned traveller or anything else without ACTUALLY
doing it.

> [ Mark why fear anything ?  What is there in a quotation or a
> piece of information that can hurt ?  I agree that somethings are
> disturbing.  And fresh information can prove disastrous to some
> theory we have constructed on partial evidence.  But is it
> worthwhile being "sorry" after an event we could have avoided --
> perhaps by a little reading and reflection?  ]

Oh, wouldn't you like it if that was the case.
Dallas, you sound like you're talking into a mirror.

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