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Re: Psychism Bashing, Spiritualism, etc.

May 02, 1998 03:23 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>To develop psychic sight or to get out of the body will
>be no guarantee of the "reality" of what you see, etc.

Magicians and occultists call this region a magic mirror
insofar as it tends to reflect what is in the mind of the
observer. Modern psychology would call it projection.
Whatever we call it, it is pure illusion. But once we know
that it is a reflection or projection, we can learn a great
deal about ourselves from our experiences there.

>Daniel comments:
>What are those sources, Dallas?  And, Jerry, do you object to them?
>And what are your reasons for objecting?

Of course it depends on the sources, but I suspect that Judge
will be the main one, and I think he tended to be a bit paranoid
about the subject. I personally like Blavatsky, who warns against
the dangers and cautions TSs to not become Halls of Magic, but
never suggests we should avoid or fear psychism altogether.

Jerry S.

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