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Krishnaji Publications

May 02, 1998 08:50 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Anyone visiting the New Age section of large books stores will find quite a
few Krishnaji Titles on the shelf as compared to a very few ones on
Theosophy or from Theosophical Publishing Outfits.

Most of the Krishnaji publications are put out by various commercial
publishers and I have not seen any new Krishnaji's book published by
Theosophical Publishing House in several years.

Wondered about all the profit TPH could have made if they had published
Krishnaji books. Of course the couple of books edited by D. Rajagopal and
published from a long time ago are still being published by TPH. I have
found out the answer to the situation.

In a signed and notorized statement Krishnaji issued in 1972, it states:

"After my death it is my wish and desire that all my work and teachings,
including but not limited to the distribution and dissemination of books
and all other publications of every kind which are written by or about me
or my views or teachings, and translations thereof, motion pictures or
television film in which I appear or which are about me or any views or
teachings, and biographies about me or my views or teachings, be carried on
and promulgated throughout the world by Krishnamurti Foundation of America,
the Krishnamuri Foundation (London), the Krishnamurti Foundation (India)
and Foundacion Krishnamurti Hispanoamericana adn the trustees of those
organizations, and not by Krishnamurti Writings Inc., K&R Foundation, D.
Rajagopal, or any other organization with which Rajagopal or any other
trustee or officer of Krishnamurti Writings, Inc. or K&R Foundation is or
may become associated."

It appears that all the trustees of Krishnamurti Writings etc. were members
of TS. One of the current officers of TSA, is a long time member and held
elected office in the past, is one of the trustees covered above. So this
association precluded any Krishnaji's publications from *ever* being
published by any publication arm of Theosophical Society (Adyar) (anywhere
in the world) and this is a very serious loss of opportunity.

Some who are interested in the above info now know the answer.


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