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Re: Quick reincarnation

May 01, 1998 04:50 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

May 1st 1998

Dear Pat F:

Before entering into speculations about the how and why of
reincarnation -- some of which may be correct, but many, in the
light of the "Original Teachings" are not, you ought to take a
few hours and read through that which H.P.Blavatsky has to say on
the subject in her short book THE KEY TO THEOSOPHY ( 1889).

You will find that she covers the ground rather well and with
explanations as to the reasons from p. 83 to 177..  Theosophy is
not speculative.

Briefly we reincarnate because

1.    The Inner Ego -- the HIGHER SELF that resides at the core
of our consciousness is an IMMORTAL who has sacrificed its
condition of perfection to act as a tutor to us who are its
successive personalities.  We, as personal beings, are pupils
under a course of very lengthy tuition.

2.    It is the personal consciousness ( you and me in the waking
state) that is this pupil.  The School is our World and Universe,
and all the many life-atoms that come and go constantly in and
through our physical bodies are each our "pupils."  Each, for the
time that it resides in us, receives from us the impression
 electro-magnetic) of our thoughts, feeling and volitions -- in
short, our motives.  Being thus impressed, they go out into the
world, and carry those aspects of our nature with them.  They
participate in the universal life.  They are the "carriers" of
our karma.  Eventually they return to us and bring our karma back
to us as effects.

3.    Thus we share in the whole World far more than we realize.
Brotherhood is a fact.

4.    So reincarnation is the process of returning "daily" (each
life) to the school of experience.  We bring our tendencies,
interests, abilities, talents and dislikes with us.  We progress
or delay ourselves depending on the kind of impulses that we
allow to rule our natures -- for good or for bad.  Our
reincarnation time is the result of the attachment that we forge
with our own thoughts and feelings ( which are quite separate
things) and with other beings with which we interact.  The
after-death states are periods of review and introspection and
the time spent appears long in terms of our present
consciousness, but in terms of subjective time, it may be very
short, almost imperceptible.  [ As an example:  Can you will
yourself to sleep, or do you "fall asleep ?"  Can you say on
waking up how much time you have spent in dreams, or in deep
sleep, and what have you been doing there ? ]

5.    Since we are essentially immortals (neither the
CONSCIOUSNESS nor the LIFE-ATOMS ever "die") our reincarnation
follows the laws of cooperation and of inter-relationship.  We
are brothers and sisters to all other beings, and especially to
those who are humans like we are.  Our present personalities are
temporary situations, very important to us right now, but when
they die, their components move off into Nature around, and the
inner Spirit/Soul retires to a condition of meditation which, not
only reviews the life last lived, but leads it to see what its
future under karma is going to be -- in a general way.

6.    You can look on the CONSCIOUSNESS within as the result of
an enormous evolution which has brought a single "life-atom" a
"MONAD' (of Spirit/Matter) to the level of independence and
free-will represented by the condition of being a human being.
That is only an idea of what our Real self is, and it should not
be materialized, because it is not physical but rather,
metaphysical and spiritual.

7.    From here as a human being on our progress is entirely
self-devised.  We make our own future.  We make our own successes
and failures.  This process and law of evolution.reincarnation
has been going on for aeons, and all beings have to pass through
it.  We are confronted with our own natures. Are we the THINKER,

The "life-atoms" which we tutor and are responsible for will in
future ages themselves become "humans" while we, having graduated
from this "school" pass on to higher and more responsible
"positions" and duties.

Articles already available on these or a series of quotations
that might be of use
to researchers and students.  This is the great battle of which
the BHAGAVAD GITA deals.

I hope that this is of help to you,            Dallas

> From: "Pat F" <>
> Date: Thursday, April 30, 1998 10:56 PM
> Subject: Re: Quick reincarnation

>Just a brief comment about quick reincarnation.  As I understand
>people are reincarnated back to this world because of our
attachment to
>it.  The more spiritually inclined a person is-- that is,
longing for
>the riches in "heaven" than on earth-- then, the longer will be
>interval between lives, since the spirit is not "itching to get
back to"
>earth.  On the other hand, if someone dies but his soul still
clings to
>wordly wealth, or to the people he left behind, then naturally,
he will
>be drawn back to earthly life by his desire for them.  It's that
>to me.  I think that list from THEOSOPHY EXPLAINED is BS.
>Best Wishes,
>Pat F.

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