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Re: Criteria for continuity

May 01, 1998 01:30 PM
by Govert Schuller

Dear Dallas,

Thanks for your response. Have some comments though:

>The test of THEOSOPHY is not in who presents it -- a name or a
>presence -- but in the actual PHILOSOPHY.
>If that is impersonal and universal, then it is in line with

No problem with that

>Wisdom and knowledge are no one's property.   If it is being
>given away, then one of the criteria is met.  No one can lay
>claim to Theosophy and charge a fee of any kind.  (Whether in
>money or in authority.)

Isn't every group in the theosopical tradition charging something for what
they organize and publish?

>No one can claim that they have the one and sole pass-key to

Have never met or read someone doing that except for some Christian

 and that following their methods or treating them as an
>oracle will take them to ...whatever their hearts desire.  That
>is the start of a creed.

There are many methods to get what you want and these are offered in almost
any esoteric tradition. Only difference will be the ethical side of the
picture, i.e. what are your ends and how much selflessness, sacrifice and
patience is required to make something come true.

If you mean with 'oracle' a messenger of the Masters, well, then you have to
treat such a person as such a defined oracle. And she or he might give you
advise with attaining certain goals.

>The true teacher sets all his pupils
>loose -- out on their own.  Seek and find.  Is his sole

I think there is more to a teacher than that. A true teacher teaches first
and then might say 'go ahead and look for yourself if you can verify it or
agree with it and then use it for your own and other people's spiritual


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