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Criteria for continuity

May 01, 1998 01:01 PM
by Govert Schuller

Another criterion:

Ethical Content. What is the ethical content of Theosophy and how has it
been uphold/refined/simplified by other teachers and groups.

>>    {{DALLAS ]]        I would not advance CROWLEY as a sample of
>>either Theosophy or of ethical advocacy -- since everything that
>>he emphasized ( and others of his 'followers' too -- glorified
>>thepersonality, and the "powers" that could be acquired to
>>dominate others.  It is an exposition of pride and selfishness.
>>In other words the direct opposite of THEOSOPHY.
>Actually, he does not glorify the personality and his teachings are
>very close to HPB's whom he held as a high initiate and respected.
>However, I was only using Crowley as an example of an esoteric
>school that did not emphasize ethical development. The same can
>be said for the Golden Dawn. So neither the OTO nor the GD, the
>two biggest occult schools alive today, emphasize ethcal
>development nor consider it to be terribly necessary for spiritual
>>As I have said before THEOSOPHY is knowledge and therefore
>>presents us with "history."  If the word "Ethics" is to be used
>>then it needs to be further defined as "an observation of the
>>operations of KARMA in all departments of Nature and expressly in
>>regard to the power of Humanfree-will, thought, and emotion.
>If so, then there have been few esoteric schools in the West, which
>typically never taught karma.
>Have to go.
>Jerry S.

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