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Re: Cayce and HPB

May 01, 1998 12:52 PM
by Govert Schuller

Dear Paul,

Thanks for clearing that up.


>Govert, it seems you misread my intention concerning criteria of
>continuity.  I mentioned Cayce only as an afterthought.  Whether
>or not he was a legitimate successor to HPB is a question that
>ARE folks are never concerned with as best I can tell; have yet
>to meet one in person, in print or online who cares about the
>issue.  And as for me, appreciation of Cayce is based on criteria
>that have little to do with his continuity with HPB, and in fact
>involves mostly things where his ideas do not echo or build on
>Actually, it was Gurdjieff, whom I do not follow and never have
>(although have studied his writings with keen interest),
>that I cited as being the most "continuous" with HPB according to
>the criteria that I'd consider most important.  A combination of
>objective historical characteristics and complementarity of
>So there's really no circularity of the sort you were perceiving,
>since I have no axe to grind in terms of wanting for ideological
>reasons to present Cayce as continuous or not continuous with
>HPB.  In fact, I regard some areas where he is most continuous
>with her ideas as being among his most fallible points.

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