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Same Objects -- IIIrd Object. "Investigate !"

Apr 30, 1998 05:02 PM
by Dr A M Bain

W. Dallas TenBroeck <> writes
>Is there a single "Observer," "Witness," "Perceiver" in us, which
>remains independent of any set of observations that we witness ?


>In other words, is our Consciousness one or many ?

One. Consciousness (as distinct from awareness) is Being.

> What serves
>to unify: 1. Memory, 2. our sense of continuing identity ?


>[ Incidentally, if the ancient Hindus claimed that our existence
>here is illusory (mayavic) then one fact is clear -- there is
>something that is an essential part of us, that IS NOT ILLUSORY,
>that observes and remembers the various experiences on several
>planes, and records them somewhere for future comparison and
>reference ! ]

That's right!
>I believe that the whole of what has been said about the Astral
>Plane and the "investigations," and "research," and practice," of
>those who have worked in and on it, as well as those experiments,
>cures, etc... which assist those who are psychically afflicted
>ought to be codified, so that much of the identification and
>guess work is avoided, and some semblance of order is

Almost impossible, I would suggest, as the single "perceiver" or
whatever word we use, records (as the Hindu idea suggests) then the
accounts of researchers will necessarily be subjectively affected by the
"lower" aspects of being. In other words, I, as Alan, may be fortunate
enough to *note* what the "perceiver" records, but in describing the
record will inevitably *interpret it* in doing so.
>I realize that this is a long job. Some students have codified a
>portion of the statements of Theosophy ( I mean from the
>"core/original teachings" ) so that there is at least a basis to
>start from. If this is desired, I can provide what I have found
>so far - as I say, it is partial.

As all offerings will be, and all siunbjective to a varying degree/
>Many claims of experimenters are made. those ought to be placed
>in a file where they are classed "To be Verified." Similars
>should be grouped together.

It seems to me we can only "verify" individually for ourselves. Owing
to the illusory influences at the "bottom end" (so to speak, ie, here!)
there is no reliable way of establishing a consensus, so *all* claims
would have to go into the "To be Verified" file!

They are "Travellers Tales" - there is a truth behind them, but if we
have not travelled to the same place in the same way at the same time
with the same intent and same attitude, then our accounts of the same
thing will all be slightly different.

Let us say I go to india or Africa, and see elephants for the first time. I
go home to a country where there is no TV, no cameras, and I cannot
draw very well, and none of the inhabitants have ever seen an elephant.
What are they going to make of my story about the elephant? They
will, perhaps, think I am mad!


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