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Re:Same Objects -- IIIrd Object. "Investigate !"

Apr 30, 1998 10:10 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

April 30th 1998

Dear Friends: Postings on the III rd Object T

Without being ambiguous, or paradoxical. I agree that
"investigation" can be done "hands on." And of course some very
interesting observations are made.

QUESTION: Are the results in accord with what Theosophy has to
say concerning the Astral Plane and the various kinds of Entities
that inhabit it ? Are there any maps or warnings associated with
this ? How valid are they ?

Are there any real dangers (such as those on which there is Lore
as precautions are taken by those who use "Ceremonial Magic."
And if there are dangers, what form do they take, either in
potential or in fact ?

I ask this, since knowing about this in advance, gives the
inquirer some idea of what the new "ocean" is. Can "maps" be
made ? Or does everyone have to plunge in, and seek to swim (or
float, or be wafted) to some ideal spot of safety, where they can
see, defend themselves ( against what ?) and show others what the
safe road is ?

What are the individual powers left to a person who enters this
plane? Is he as strong and as powerful "there" as he may be
"here ?"

Are there any residual effects implanted in the viewer,
adventurer, or seeker, as a result of such a visit ? If so, what
are they ? If there are none, then why not ?

How accurate or true is our memory of what we experience "there

Has anything "new" been observed or discovered ?

Have the propositions that Theosophy advances concerning
"Kama-loca" (the plane of desires-after death state) or
"Devachan" (Blissful state of Spiritual life between two
lives--also an after-death state) been verified ?

Is there a single "Observer," "Witness," "Perceiver" in us, which
remains independent of any set of observations that we witness ?
In other words, is our Consciousness one or many ? What serves
to unify: 1. Memory, 2. our sense of continuing identity ?
[ Incidentally, if the ancient Hindus claimed that our existence
here is illusory (mayavic) then one fact is clear -- there is
something that is an essential part of us, that IS NOT ILLUSORY,
that observes and remembers the various experiences on several
planes, and records them somewhere for future comparison and
reference ! ]

There are probably many more questions, but if those can be set
down and gradually a fund of answers be built up around them, I
think some progress can be made. It would be good if we can all
do this together, as a project -- at least we would all emerge
somewhat wiser, I believe.

I believe that the whole of what has been said about the Astral
Plane and the "investigations," and "research," and practice," of
those who have worked in and on it, as well as those experiments,
cures, etc... which assist those who are psychically afflicted
ought to be codified, so that much of the identification and
guess work is avoided, and some semblance of order is

I realize that this is a long job. Some students have codified a
portion of the statements of Theosophy ( I mean from the
"core/original teachings" ) so that there is at least a basis to
start from. If this is desired, I can provide what I have found
so far - as I say, it is partial.

Many claims of experimenters are made. those ought to be placed
in a file where they are classed "To be Verified." Similars
should be grouped together.

Near Death Experiences (NDE), Past Life Regressions (PLR),
Contacts with Spirits on the Astral/Spiritual Plane (CSA),
Prophecies, etc., etc., could form basic lists

In regard to "Theory" we could include from the "Original

1. The Sevenfold division of the Universe and of Man
2. Descriptions of the various aspects of the Astral Plane.
3. What is the Akasa ?
4. What is the Astral Body ?
4. What is the "Manasa Rupa ?" ( the Mind-body )
5. What is the Kamic (desire, passions, needs and wants)
nature and its
 divisions? What is the relation between Mind and
Desire ?
6. What is the "Causal Body ?" ( Permanent Astral )
7. What is the "Mayavi rupa ?" (Form of Illusion)
8. What is Hypnotism, and how does it compare with
Mesmerism -- how
 are these to be used in healing ?
9. What is taught of the great magnetic centers in the human
body ? How are
 they related to the inner magnetic, psychic and
spiritual centers ?

It is my concept that much of the "investigation" has been
proceeding for a long time, conducted either jointly or
individually. But who has gathered together impartially and
accurately the various findings, and provided reference sources
for their re-verification ? (Following the method mentioned In
SD I 273 )

If we could take that as a base and jointly provide items for a
common study, much might be achieved. We need a focus where the
information can be stored, sorted and filed for use.

Just an idea. any takers ? Dallas

>From: "Dr A M Bain" <>
>Date: Wednesday, April 29, 1998 7:18 PM
>Subject: Re:Same Objects but.....

>W. Dallas TenBroeck <> writes (in reply to Thoa)
>>The third object of the T S was to study these "shady" areas.
>>ISIS and the S D give a view of their relation with the rest of
>>our environment. So there is discovery work to be done for all
>>of us. But we are also warned about dabbling or practicing
>>personally in those areas. It is a policy recommended :
>> "Look -- don't touch."
>Discovery work cannot be done *without* touching and looking.
>are enjoined to "investigate" them. This can't be done by
>Watch this space for results of some of my own study and
>As the TI "Statement of Intent" puts it, we need
>2. To encourage and *engage in* the study of comparative
> theosophy, philosophy, and the scientific method, according
> individual ability and inclination.
>3. To *investigate* mysteries of nature and unrealized human
> potential and abilities, with an underlying respect for all
> life.
>My emphasis.
consisting of

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