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Same Objects -- IIIrd Object. "Investigate !"

Apr 30, 1998 05:46 PM
by Dr A M Bain

W. Dallas TenBroeck <> writes
>April 30th 1998
>Dear Friends: Postings on the III rd Object T
>Without being ambiguous, or paradoxical. I agree that
>"investigation" can be done "hands on." And of course some very
>interesting observations are made.
>QUESTION: Are the results in accord with what Theosophy has to
>say concerning the Astral Plane

I would say yes, without a doubt.

> and the various kinds of Entities
>that inhabit it ?

I would say maybe, but the dangers are overstated, however:

> Are there any maps or warnings associated with
>this ? How valid are they ?

If one understands sufficiently (It's a different discipline) the basis of my
"Keys to Kabbalah" downloadable free from the TI website, there is a
map, and one which in this case accords with TS-style maps. Warnings
concerning the astral levels are pretty much common sense in the same
way as warnings on the physical level, viz., watch what you are doing,
and *never* cross the street without looking both ways *first.*
>Are there any real dangers (such as those on which there is Lore
>as precautions are taken by those who use "Ceremonial Magic."
>And if there are dangers, what form do they take, either in
>potential or in fact ?

Yes - being captured by the *romance* engendered by one's own
wish-fulfillment department! This is one reason why I, for one, have
*never* become a ceremonal magician!
>I ask this, since knowing about this in advance, gives the
>inquirer some idea of what the new "ocean" is. Can "maps" be
>made ?

Maps exist, as mentioned above. They may not be 100% accurate, but
it is most useful, even desirable, to study them *before* getting in the

> Or does everyone have to plunge in, and seek to swim (or
>float, or be wafted) to some ideal spot of safety, where they can
>see, defend themselves ( against what ?) and show others what the
>safe road is ?

Folow the map, and keep watch! If you find something new, and can
verify it, put it on the map for the next person.
>What are the individual powers left to a person who enters this
>plane? Is he as strong and as powerful "there" as he may be
>"here ?"

Not usually, but there are (in my experience) thjose who have gone
before who make it their business to keep a watch over potential foolish
newcomers. I once had the privilege of being shown some information
on the "astral" by the (then) late Dion Fortune. I was both shaken
*and* stirred <G>.
>Are there any residual effects implanted in the viewer,
>adventurer, or seeker, as a result of such a visit ? If so, what
>are they ? If there are none, then why not ?

There are "impressions" - much as a mark left in wax - except they
remain in memory.
>How accurate or true is our memory of what we experience "there

That's the big question! Accuracy is never 100%, and truth is relative.
We may discover a "truth," misinterpret it, and then present the
misinterpretation to others as "truth."
>Has anything "new" been observed or discovered ?

Define "new"!
>Have the propositions that Theosophy advances concerning
>"Kama-loca" (the plane of desires-after death state) or
>"Devachan" (Blissful state of Spiritual life between two
>lives--also an after-death state) been verified ?

(By me) the first, yes. The second, no. That is to say I have visited
what I believe theosophy would describe as "Devachan" but found it
neutral rather than blissful, and in neither case is it necessarily a "betwen
lives" state - although it couls be.

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>-----Original Message-----
>From: "Dr A M Bain" <>
>Date: Wednesday, April 29, 1998 7:18 PM
>Subject: Re:Same Objects but.....
>>W. Dallas TenBroeck <> writes (in reply to Thoa)
>>>The third object of the T S was to study these "shady" areas.
>>>ISIS and the S D give a view of their relation with the rest of
>>>our environment. So there is discovery work to be done for all
>>>of us. But we are also warned about dabbling or practicing
>>>personally in those areas. It is a policy recommended :
>>> "Look -- don't touch."
>>Discovery work cannot be done *without* touching and looking.
>>are enjoined to "investigate" them. This can't be done by
>>Watch this space for results of some of my own study and
>>As the TI "Statement of Intent" puts it, we need
>>2. To encourage and *engage in* the study of comparative
>> theosophy, philosophy, and the scientific method, according
>> individual ability and inclination.
>>3. To *investigate* mysteries of nature and unrealized human
>> potential and abilities, with an underlying respect for all
>> life.
>>My emphasis.

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