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Re:buddhist schools in tibet

Apr 30, 1998 11:33 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

April 30th 1998


There are several schools of "Buddhism" in Tibet -- and they
should not be confused.

There is that derived from the very ancient Bhons sect -- which
employs distortions of knowledge to achieve profound physical and
personal effects -- it is in effect the practice of Black Magic,
and it is selfishness pushed to an extraordinary degree, as it
isolates the practitioner (the Lower Self) from everyone and
everything else -- and, it is reputed to have as a final result,
and as terrible consequence, an ISOLATION that entombs, virtually
the practitioner.

Then there is the common Lamaic Buddhist teaching -- the Hinayana
or Theravada schools (the Small Vehicle). Within those there are
various levels and kinds of "esoteric: teachings. and, being
truly esoteric, some of them, they will never be published or
revealed. The teachings are highly ethical but they are
exercises of personal application which do not necessarily lead
to thinking about the CAUSES of life and the potentials of a
future Perfection. The DHAMMAPADA is perhaps the best sample of
the Buddha's injunctions used by these Schools. Other than that,
there are over 70,000 texts derived from the lore of those who
were disciples of the Buddha and they wrote of their contact,
leaving the record for the public to study and learn from.

"Maha-Yana" ( The great Vehicle ) is derived from Buddha's secret
teachings to his close disciples. And while this in known to
exist, Its teachings, insofar as they have been made public will
be found condensed in THE VOICE OF THE SILENCE. by HPB. they
consist of the MORAL application of philosophy.

HPB received an important manuscript on this subject from a
prominent Lama in Tibet. And it was printed after her death in
LUCIFER for Sept,, Oct. 1894 under the title TIBETAN TEACHINGS
 see also HPB ARTICLES, ULT, Vol. 3, p, 337 ...; BCW, IV, p.
160 ; BCW, VI p. 94 ]

In THE THEOSOPHICAL GLOSSARY, By HPB, you will find additional
information if you look up Buddha, Buddhism, Mahayana, Hinayana,
Bhons, Dugpa, etc...

I hope this will help.

>From: "Mike Perala" <>
>Date: Wednesday, April 29, 1998 9:04 AM
>Subject: Quick reincarnation

> Regarding the conversation about H.P.B. and her knowledge (and
>sources)about reincarnation.
>If I have understood correctly, Tibetan buddhists believe that
when one
>dies, the next incarnation is followed rather quickly, in few
days or
>something like that.
>How do this relate to H.P.B:s (and her Mahatmas) teachings about
>centuries spent in between-lives states, like devachan?
>Mika of Finland
consisting of

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