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Cayce and HPB

Apr 30, 1998 12:40 PM
by K Paul Johnson

Govert, it seems you misread my intention concerning criteria of
continuity. I mentioned Cayce only as an afterthought. Whether
or not he was a legitimate successor to HPB is a question that
ARE folks are never concerned with as best I can tell; have yet
to meet one in person, in print or online who cares about the
issue. And as for me, appreciation of Cayce is based on criteria
that have little to do with his continuity with HPB, and in fact
involves mostly things where his ideas do not echo or build on

Actually, it was Gurdjieff, whom I do not follow and never have
(although have studied his writings with keen interest),
that I cited as being the most "continuous" with HPB according to
the criteria that I'd consider most important. A combination of
objective historical characteristics and complementarity of

So there's really no circularity of the sort you were perceiving,
since I have no axe to grind in terms of wanting for ideological
reasons to present Cayce as continuous or not continuous with
HPB. In fact, I regard some areas where he is most continuous
with her ideas as being among his most fallible points.


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