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new participant with GRAND writing ability

Apr 30, 1998 01:06 PM
by Brenda S Tucker


>Apart from these, my brother, let us not forget the T'ai Chi. This
>symbol contains so much as not to be fully appreciated even by the most
>illumined student. You, no doubt, realize its general significance as
>imparted to it by the Chinese, as well as other Oriental races that
>have adopted this symbol, and those in the Western world who have
>studied the philosophies and religions pertaining to these nations of
>peoples, while others have imbibed from the expansions on the teaching
>thereto imparted by the Masters themselves (these know of whom and to
>what I speak), and others have recognized that the T'ai Chi also
>represents these manifold aspects of truth alongside the respective
>laws. Yes, the circle of the Law of the One circumscribes the duality,
>in accordance with the Law of Polarity, of the Yin and the Yang.

When you say T'ai Chi, don't you really mean the symbol of the Tao? I
thought that little black and white dual fish with a tail and a contrasting
eye symbol was the Tao? Isn't that what you are referring to?

>The idea of the spiral, then, is that it's not compounded of coils of
>equal size along its length, but of coils of increasing size as we
>proceed from below upwards or decreasing size as we proceed from the top
>downwards. This signifies the expansion of consciousness and vistas as
>we ascend the spiral and the increasing limitation thereof as we descend
>the spiral. It is said, Jerry, that the spiral depicts more correctly
>the actuality of this idea, simply because it incorporates more than
>does the symbol of the ladder as in Jacob's Ladder.

This idea of widening circles was one I had never considered. Thank you,

I like your writing a great deal and hope that you will find other
opportunity to participate in the discussions here. Can you give us a
little introduction to yourself? I see you are from Australia. What kind of
work did you do there?

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