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Re:Jerry Challenges Dallas but What does Jerry Offer as an Alternative?

Apr 30, 1998 12:14 PM
by Thoa Thi-Kim Tran

>This is a very interesting post, Jerry. It jives with a lot of what I was
>thinking and intuiting about, although I'm not at your level of study. I
>would be interested in reading any of your published findings.
>Dallas, in my post about madness, Jerry helped me to clarify what I was
>trying to get at. (Most of the time, I intuit something that feels true for
>me, but I haven't found the right words for it.) Yes, we need guidelines,
>be it ethics, books, laws, to live our lives. However, as a student of the
>occult, you need to release the boundaries of your mind and go beyond the
>madness. That means you also go beyond ethics, laws, social concerns, HPB,
>Masters, Krisnamurti, CWL, pro-con drugs, etc.. Until you are able to
>release your hold of everything that is your guideline and stability, you
>will have a hard time grasping the occult concepts(?). This does not mean
>you have to live your life immorally and give up social concerns. It means
>you play a mental and intuitional gymnastics. It's a process of putting on
>and tossing off your personal clothing.
>Thoa :o)

An additional thought. When you're going through a process of releasing
boundaries and reaching certain realizations, it can also become easy to
disconnect yourself from the value of things in your life. That's when you
have to go to the next level and realize that you need to go beyond the
glamor of the realization, let your heart feel sentimentality, attend to
your daily yours, and even feel competitive or devilish.

Thoa :o)

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