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Re: : Theosophy in the mist

Apr 30, 1998 04:42 PM
by Marshall Hemingway III

In a message dated 98-04-30 18:26:42 EDT, Dallas wrote:

<< Have you read THE MESSAGE OF THE SPHINX by G. Hancock and R. Bauval ? >>

I heard a lecture given by Graham Hancock last Saturday at a conference given
by the International Fortean Society in Bethesda, Maryland. His main thesis is
that humanity is suffering from a type of collective amnesia regarding "lost
civilizations", i.e., Lemuria and Atlantis.

 The symbolic interpretation of measurements re Egyptian monuments has been an
ongoing process since the mid-19th century, starting with amateur astronomer
and Christian fundamentalist John Taylor. Later, like Taylor, Charles Piazzi
Smyth used the measurements of the Great Pyramid to affirm his very narrow
view of Christianity. The numerological angle later swung to the other side of
the speculative spectrum with the advent of Schwaller de Lubicz. His current
devotees like Hancock, Peter Tompkins and John A. West see the initiatic
teachings of the Mystery Schools encoded in the Sphinx, the Pyramids and the
Temple of Luxor.

These notions are interesting but orthodox Egyptologists maintain that anyone
can play fast and loose with numbers to support preconceived theories.


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