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Quick reincarnation

Apr 30, 1998 00:29 AM
by Thoa Thi-Kim Tran

Does this mean that minority groups with economic and educational
disadvantage are composed mostly of the lower category souls? I can see
why traditional Theosophy would appeal mostly to white Victorians.

Thoa :o)

>Good question! Many past life regressions have the soul "staying out" about
>ten to twenty years, maybe a hundred at the most, before coming back. Are
>these past life memories accurate? Is Blavatsky's 1,000 to 1,500 year interim
>way off the mark?
>Check out P. Pavri's THEOSOPHY EXPLAINED (1930), on pages 177 and 178. The
>following "criteria" is given for intervals between incarnations.
>1. Those on the Path - they reincarnate within a few months or years if they
>choose to continue their work on the physical plane for the Masters. If not,
>their interval; between lives is 1,500 to 2,000 years. No time spent on the
>Astral Plane.
>2. Those approaching the Path - the interval is between 700 to 1,200 (5 years
>on the Astral Plane, the rest in Devachan except for about 50 years in the
>Causal Body on the Higher Mental Plane.
>3. Gentleman with a keen sense of honour and above average in goodness,
>intellect and religious feeling, the best type of professional men, city-
>merchants and country-gentleman, and others who are well developed and
>altruistic - a 600 to 1000 year interval, 20- to 25 on the Astral Plane. Only
>a touch of consciousness in the Causal Body.
>4. Upper middle class, like most city merchants, gentlemen still, a little
>below average in goodness, intellect and religious feelings, who turn their
>intellect to more material ends, a life less elevated than the professional
>man - an interval between lives of 500 years, 25 years on the Astral Plane,
>the rest in Devachan. No conscious life in the Causal Body except for one
>flash of memory before incarnating.
>5. The great mass of the lower middle class, small shopkeepers, shop
>assistants, farmers conventional, dull and narrow, though well-intentioned -
>an average interval of 200 to 300 years with 40 years on the Astral Plane and
>the rest spent on the lower levels of Devachan.
>6. The working classes, skilled laborers working with both hands and heads,
>men of respectability and character - 100 to 200 years, 40 on the 4th subplane
>of the Astral Plane, the rest in the lower subplanes of Devachan (Lower
>7. Unskilled labour, well meaning but careless, high types of savages - 60 to
>100 years between lives, 40 to 50 on the lower Astral Plane, the remainder on
>the lowest subplane of Devachan.
>8. Savages of a comparatively mild type, some hill tribes, wastrels,
>unemployable and drunkards, slum-dwellers - 40 to 50 years on the lowest
>subdivision of the Astral Plane.
>9. Lowest specimens of humanity, brutal savages, habitual criminals,
>hooligans, wife and child beaters - 5 years on the lowest subplane of the
>Astral Plane.
>The Empire lives in the after-life! Long live Queen Victoria!
>Added Note: include footmen, grooms, gamekeepers, maids (both upstairs and
>downstairs) in Classification 6

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