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Re:Theosophical Movement

Apr 29, 1998 10:58 PM
by M K Ramadoss


Yes it is a very grand picture indeed. At least some of us will be around
to see it.

The move towards increased volume and velocity and easy access to
information is going on at a galloping pace. None of us can predict how it
is going to affect the world tomorrow.

You have asked a very basic and pertinent question. How does one get to
know the word Theosophy? It has to be introduced thru other simpler
concepts or ideas.

Most Internet users use search engines to search www's and usenet groups
using key words. The search engines scour all the websites and index them
on key words. To get some of the key words indexed in these search engines,
we can setup web pages on the following topics:

Para Normal Experiences
Sorrow and Suffering

These words will get indexed by the search engines and if anyone searches
for say Mesmerism or Immortality, they will find the web page and when they
visit the web page, the word Theosophy and related topics can be
described/introduced and links provided where they can find more information.

Key words and links are critical for inducing users to visit the website.
Once they are visiting, the presentation they find should be attention
grabbing and simple to understand.

At 06:56 PM 4/29/1998 -0700, you wrote:
>April 29th
>It is quite a grand picture that you present on the potential of
>I have been wondering about the position that Theosophy might be
>able to offer or to hold -- at least to serve as an introduction.
>Where should it be posted, and in what context of reciprocity if
>any ?
>Apparently if one has heard the word THEOSOPHY one might zero in
>on what is currently available. But if one does not know of
>that, what is the "entry point ?"
>Why not have a thinking bee on that and see what emerges.
>As regards the "organizations" and their stick in the mud of the
>past -- not all are ignorant of the Web potential, but they may
>not yet see how it can be employed for the benefit of the
>It is my belief that the oldsters in "Theosophical
>Organizations"may hold tight reins on their galloping youngsters.
>How else to hold an "organization" together.
 In today's free world when everything is questioned, we may have to
leave the organizations to go their own way. While I have nothing against
oldsters, much of the monumental work is usually done by people who are in
the prime of life and work full time for a cause, not for a living.


Let us state this again and again.

>It is feast of IDEAS as well as of practical IDEALS.
>Why did Einstein, as an instance, use the SD ?
>Are there other eminent persons who profited from Theosophy.
>Gandhi acknowledge indebtedness, and then he proceeded to ask
>himself very simply if he could put the principles of freedom and
>of non-violence into actual practice. History tells the
>subsequent struggle -- and the freeing of a sub-continent, at
>least politically. That freedom was paid for him in his own
>blood. and the people of the country must carry the shame, even
>if creedal orthodoxy is to blame. He was as always quite
>unprotected. He is a martyr to his own ideals.

One of the most revealing things in the msg Wadia gave when he left
TS(Adyar) was the issue of difference of opinion between Besant and Gandhi
relative to tactics adopted to fight for Independence.

Besant did not subscribe to Gandhi's non violent non cooperation actions
and Gandhi's demand for total independence from England. During the
Independence struggle, I saw many active members of TS(Adyar) avoiding
Gandhi and the Indian National Congress. I wondered about it.

>From Wadia's msg, I learnt that Besant as head of the ES, would not allow
anyone to remain in the ES if he/she joined Gandhi's camp and participated
in his non violent struggles. This was quite a surprise and shock to me. It
would be very interesting to find out if any such policy exisited in this
country in the ES during the time Martin Luther King engaged in non violent

>But look around India today, and ask who actually is inspired
> among the students and the masses) with Gandhian idealism and
>action ? Who is it that knows actually the life and history of
>Jawaharlal Nehru, of Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan ? and of other
>great ones of the Freedom Movement ?
>Each country in the World since 1947 can think of their heroes
>and of the freedom that they now enjoy -- and the suffering that
>has come on many -- and ask what lesson has been learned ? Who
>has profited?
>Same for Theosophy.
>What shall we do, Where is the next channel of work ?

Let us all thinking bees get to work and share our results.


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