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Re:Theosophical Movement

Apr 29, 1998 06:56 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

April 29th


It is quite a grand picture that you present on the potential of

I have been wondering about the position that Theosophy might be
able to offer or to hold -- at least to serve as an introduction.

Where should it be posted, and in what context of reciprocity if
any ?

Apparently if one has heard the word THEOSOPHY one might zero in
on what is currently available. But if one does not know of
that, what is the "entry point ?"

Why not have a thinking bee on that and see what emerges.


As regards the "organizations" and their stick in the mud of the
past -- not all are ignorant of the Web potential, but they may
not yet see how it can be employed for the benefit of the

It is my belief that the oldsters in "Theosophical
Organizations"may hold tight reins on their galloping youngsters.
How else to hold an "organization" together.


It is feast of IDEAS as well as of practical IDEALS.

Why did Einstein, as an instance, use the SD ?

Are there other eminent persons who profited from Theosophy.

Gandhi acknowledge indebtedness, and then he proceeded to ask
himself very simply if he could put the principles of freedom and
of non-violence into actual practice. History tells the
subsequent struggle -- and the freeing of a sub-continent, at
least politically. That freedom was paid for him in his own
blood. and the people of the country must carry the shame, even
if creedal orthodoxy is to blame. He was as always quite
unprotected. He is a martyr to his own ideals.

But look around India today, and ask who actually is inspired
 among the students and the masses) with Gandhian idealism and
action ? Who is it that knows actually the life and history of
Jawaharlal Nehru, of Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan ? and of other
great ones of the Freedom Movement ?

Each country in the World since 1947 can think of their heroes
and of the freedom that they now enjoy -- and the suffering that
has come on many -- and ask what lesson has been learned ? Who
has profited?

Same for Theosophy.

What shall we do, Where is the next channel of work ?

>From: "M K Ramadoss" <>
>Date: Wednesday, April 29, 1998 10:33 AM
>Subject: Re:Theosophical Movement

>I am glad to see that I am not alone in my observation. Links
are one of
>the key reasons why people visit a website. A static isolated
website is of
>no interest to the net citizens.
>The Internet is still young. The web growth while exponential,
still very
>new. Experts are still trying to figure out what features are
important so
>that visitors are motivated to visit your website. Most websites
keep track
>of the hit statistics to see what level of activity is going on.
>interested in a on-line hit statistics can visit and
>get some idea. BTW, this is the site which published
Clinton-Lewinsky news
>before anyone else.
>Much of the problems that Theosophical organizations seem to
have is that
>the decision makers do not have hands-on experience on the net.
Most of
>them belong to the previous generation and so lack computer
>Most are still in snailmail age and yet to move to e-mail age.
>first hand experience, it is impossible to understand the net
and its
>capabilities leave alone coming up with creative ways to use the
net to
>further the interests of Theosophy.
>What is troubling is the total ignorance of organizations about
the full
>potential of the net and what can be done to further Theosophy.
The current
>generation which is growing up in net age, is different. I have
known 5 and
>6 year olds now using the net to access information how to play
a video
>games and their school projects. When this generation takes over
>roles, they will have a full appreciation and the power of the
net as a
>tool. The question is what is going to happen during the
>Organizations may shrink (which is already happening) and their
role may
>end up being a mechanical one of re-printing classics -- and
even this may
>disappear in the wake of modern technology moving into
e-publishing. Many
>of the classics are already on the web and that seems to be the
way things
>are moving.
>In the meantime, we have seen enterprising individuals setting
up web pages
>which rival those of the organizations (and sometimes the
visitors may
>think these web pages belong to organizations) and in this level
>organizational web pages may end up being inconsequential in the
>picture. Evolutionary changes go on and either you get on the
train or just
>left behind and forgotten.
>my 0.02
>At 07:57 AM 4/29/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>> From: "M K Ramadoss" <>
>>> Visiting some of the websites of Theosophical Organizations
to see how
>>> links are there to other Theosophical Organizations, I was
>>> Larger the organization more isolated they are. You can visit
>>> see for yourself.
>>It is amazing that an organization whose objects promotes
>>Brotherhood doesn't even linked websites! One webmaster of one
large site
>>is actually operating under a "no links" rule!
>>O.T.O, multiple pagan groups, and even South Park cartoon show
>>webrings that link their sites together. Does TS show that
sort of
>>cyberspace unity? No.
>>Take Doss's challenge. Pretend you've just heard of the TS and
try to find
>>information on the web. Can you find enough to stimulate
you're curiosity?
>> Can you find real information about philosophy and beliefs?
Or are you
>>confronted with disorganization and dogma on death and
vegetarianism? (I do
>>like the Blavatsky Net. The Australian TS
>>is nice too. While you're surfing, check out the Ourbourus on
>>Brazilian TS site! (
>>As a community, we do a poor job marketing TS on the web.
We're missing an
>>opportunity. The potential is there. As Dallas(nodding to
Mark) says:
>>Theosophy International -- or "withoutwalls" perhaps
>>I've been reading Alice Bailey's "The Consciousness of the
Atom" and
>>thinking about evolution. Technology(i.e.the web) is playing a
role in our
>>social evolution. Look at the changes in our communication and
>>Watch how teenagers approach a new video game. Part of the
challenge is
>>the exploration of the virtual environment, trying to feel
their way
>>around, and discover what does what and what comes next. It
reminds me of
>>the shamanic "dreamtime".
>>I've been wondering if an organization promoting evolution can
be true to
>>itself without evolving itself and riding in the vangard of
>>evolution. I've been wondering if this isn't part of the
problem with the
>>TS. The founders were promoters of social evolution of their
>>rights, prohibition for example. Where are we now? Maybe as
we're adding
>>those links to other TS sites, we should include the Free Tibet
sites as
>>"Blessed are the cracked, for they shall let in the light..."
consisting of

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