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Re:Quick reincarnation

Apr 30, 1998 05:11 AM
by Marshall Hemingway III

In a message dated 98-04-30 02:19:30 EDT, you write:

<< I recall Pavri is more a compiler of info than a original writer. >>

You're right. Pavri is a compiler, using material by CWL, AB, Jinarajadasa,
A.P. Sinnett, G. S. Arundale, Bertram Keightley, G.R.S. Mead, etc. The
categorization is repeated in the condensed version of THEOSOPHY EXPLAINED
which is called FIRST BOOK OF THEOSOPHY on page 103. Arthur E. Powell, another
compiler, used the same "categories" re intervals between incarnations in one
of his books. Jinarajadasa has a similar chart on page 164 in his FIRST
PRINCIPLES OF THEOSOPHY. Where the original classification came from is hard
to say. AB, CWL, and that whole lot were all Victorians and merely reflected
the times in which they lived.


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