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Same Objects but.....

Apr 30, 1998 00:54 AM
by Thoa Thi-Kim Tran

>I think that conversation demands at least a modicum of
>discrimination. It would be difficult to discuss rational ideas
>with the mad-man that you present me with, and equally difficult
>to discuss music with a person born deaf from infancy. Or to
>discuss a painting and color with one born blind.
>So if one is going to talk philosophy or ethical verities, then
>one has to talk to those who have shown some interest and
>understanding, and who try to see if there are any universal
>criteria that can be applied to such exchange.

Dear Dallas,

Because we are all limited in our thinking, we are all mad in some ways.
Have you ever had an argument with a sane person, but decided that there is
no way you will ever get through to that person? In that way, it is no
different than talking to a mad man. Suppose an omniscient being were to
have conversations with each one of us. This being would conclude that we
are all mad and no better than the mad-man in my example. Go back in time,
Dallas, to a time when everyone thought the earth was flat. If you try to
convince them that the earth was round, they would think you mad. Seers
have been condemned for their visions.

Best wishes to you, too, Dallas.

Thoa :o)

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