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Re:Re: Belief in the beyond

Apr 23, 1998 07:22 PM
by Dr A M Bain

Jerry Schueler <> writes
>Life after death is always a subjective (faith) call. There is
>and never will be any physical "proof." However, in higher
>forms of yoga one can "leave" the body and go through
>psychic experiences that _could_ be equivalent to an
>after-death state. Certainly the human thinking mind can
>be left behind. Even I have done this. But we cannot know
>if such experiences are "real" or just imagination, can we?

If we are honest, we will admit that we misremember even the events
that happened to us today. We will describe something as green that
was yellow, imagine we saw someone who was in fact someone else
(sometimes in the mirror). Just how "real" is the before-death state?

I can travel all the way to the supermarket, and in my imagination I am
looking at the shelves and the things I hope to buy. I will recall some
similar things I bought last week, some of which reminded me of my
early meals and childhood, and in my mind's eye I am far away in my
past, watching bullrushes blow in the wind, with my Grandma's caravan
just across the field. On the way to the store I have negotiated seven
miles of country roads, which in April here are replete with walkers,
cyclists, tourists with camper vans, and local traffic in a hurry. Of this
journey I will probably recall very little ....

Brought to you from
 West Cornwall, UK

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