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Re:Re: Belief in the beyond

Apr 23, 1998 06:40 PM
by Dr A M Bain

David Green <> writes
>Why not be equally skeptical
>of any kind of life after death?

Why not, indeed - unless you've been there, met the folk, got the astral
T-shirt ...
>Evidence for any kind of life after death
>is just as debatable and inconclusive as
>evidence for reincarnation.

In which case we can't be dogmatic about either, can we? And any
increase in either belief is neither good nor bad news - just news.
>Again reincarnation may be a reality regardless
>of whether belief in it makes one prone to
>inaction in this life or not. Don't
>confuse two separate issues.

It does make people prone to inaction, as does the misuse of the
concept of karma. Three headed woglebeasts may be a reality in
Devachan. Don't introduce red herrings.

We are discussing what people *believe*.

In amity,

Brought to you from
 West Cornwall, UK

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