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Re:Re: Belief in the beyond

Apr 23, 1998 03:15 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>Why not be equally skeptical
>of any kind of life after death?
Life after death is always a subjective (faith) call. There is
and never will be any physical "proof." However, in higher
forms of yoga one can "leave" the body and go through
psychic experiences that _could_ be equivalent to an
after-death state. Certainly the human thinking mind can
be left behind. Even I have done this. But we cannot know
if such experiences are "real" or just imagination, can we?

>Evidence for any kind of life after death
>is just as debatable and inconclusive as
>evidence for reincarnation.
Agreed, except for the NDE which gives those who have one
an inner certitude of a life after death. To my knowledge no
reported NDE has ever mentioned reincarnation one way or
the other.

>Again reincarnation may be a reality regardless
>of whether belief in it makes one prone to
>inaction in this life or not. Don't
>confuse two separate issues.
Agreed. We simply don't know. However, the theory
itself has proved to cause inertia and lack of compassion
in India and other countries where it has been believed
for centuries. The theory itself may or may not be true
(and I personally believe that it is) but the belief in it can
cause a lot of problems.

Jerry S.

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