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Re: Belief in the beyond

Apr 22, 1998 07:35 PM
by David Green

"Dr. A.M.Bain" <> wrote:

>I think this idea *as a belief* is bad news, not good, as it also gives
>an "out" - eg., "Oh well, I'll sort that out in the next life." I
believe that
>life is a "one-shot" in Eternity, so that we can leave here [the
>and go one to the next stage ... and the next ... and the next .... as
far as
>we wish.
>Maybe under certain circumstances *some* people do reincarnate.
>that doesn't mean that everyone *must* reincarnate.

Why not be equally skeptical
of any kind of life after death?

Evidence for any kind of life after death
is just as debatable and inconclusive as
evidence for reincarnation.

Again reincarnation may be a reality regardless
of whether belief in it makes one prone to
inaction in this life or not. Don't
confuse two separate issues.

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