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Re: Karma & Reincarnation

Apr 22, 1998 08:02 PM
by David Green

"Jerry Schueler" <> wrote:

>This is exactly what I consider to be the falacy of the karma doctrine.
>The fact is, liberation is within reach now and always has been. I find
>the notion that we have to wait patiently for 7 future lifetimes for
>liberation to be pernitious and I suspect that if this is all Theosophy
>had to tell me, I would have left it by now. Thank God for Chaos.
>it you would be right and I would be stuck on a "long road." With it,
>karma can be consumed in a heartbeat.

The above is mere assertion. What
proof do you have that outweighs
Lmhem111's side of the argument?

Are you liberated? Has your
karma been consumed in a heartbeat?
Keep us updated on these important

Easy to write the stuff you've written
but have you achieved such feats?

Take some of your skepticism directed
toward Lmhem111 and apply it to
your own pet ideas.

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