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Re: Karma & Reincarnation

Apr 23, 1998 03:26 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>The above is mere assertion. What
>proof do you have that outweighs
>Lmhem111's side of the argument?
The same "proof" as you have. The idea that karma
can be overcome/consumed in an instant is a well-known
teaching (the karmamukti or enlightened while living) in
the East. HPB and the other Theosophical pioneers
simply chose not to mention it.

>Are you liberated? Has your
>karma been consumed in a heartbeat?
>Keep us updated on these important
You are getting emotional here my friend. Calm down.
Whether I am liberated or not is my own business and
no one elses. The fact is that the theory has been around
for as long as the theory of reincarnation and karma.
HPB had a hard-enough time trying to sell the theory of
reincarnation and karma to the West. What do you think
wuold have happened to the early TS if she threw in the
karmamukta or liberation-in-one-life doctrine (also well
known in Tibet where one of the most famous exponents
was the yogi Mila-Repa).

>Easy to write the stuff you've written
>but have you achieved such feats?
Again, you sound like a child in a tantrum here. What
I have accomplished or achieved is my own business.

>Take some of your skepticism directed
>toward Lmhem111 and apply it to
>your own pet ideas.
Pray read a little of Ramakhrishna and the autobiographies
of Mila-Repa, Naropa, Tilopa, and others. I am not simply
spouting off my own "pet" ideas. Your "skepticism" is a natural
repsonse by a typical modern Theosophist who knows
all about karma and reincarnation and nothing at all about
liberation from them. This kind of thing happens when you
restrict your reading and study to HPB and the ML. They are
good, but are not the only source for knowledge that exists.

Jerry S.

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