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Disdain for "creepy-feeling" phenomena?

Apr 22, 1998 09:22 PM
by David Green

RIhle <> wrote:

>Incidentally, I liked your expression "creepy-feeling." There's a
>feeling one can get from a lot of things Theosophical, isn't there? It
>hard to put your finger on just what it is, though. I mean, I can
still get a
>creepy-feeling just walking around Olcott, even though I have been
there quite
>a few times. It's almost as if even the buildings, grounds, and
everything is
>being neurotically held only semi-successfully together in some rigid
>posture--maybe just like the people you are talking about.
>By the way--same question I asked Jerry S.--are you planning to be at
>Convention? I hope so. Best wishes and

Dear Doctor, Doctor-----

Why don't you pen an article for the
ACT newsletter on this "creepy feeling"
phenomena at Olcott? Better yet-------
concerned TS Wheaton members can send their
proxies made out to you. You can then
demand an offical investigation of the
"CF" phenomena during the summer
convention at Olcott.

Mmmmmmmm.....another thought--------
is it not possible
this "CF" may be a mere
projection from your own psyche?
No doubt some expert t-h-e-r-a-p-i-s-t
could root the CF out of your system "in a
heart beat." If it can be done with
karma, why not with CFs?

I know it's easier & more fun
to blame it on the people & buildings
at Olcott.


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