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Re:Disdain for "creepy-feeling" phenomena?

Apr 23, 1998 03:54 PM
by Richard Ihle

<< Mmmmmmmm.....another thought--------
 is it not possible
 this "CF" may be a mere
 projection from your own psyche? >>

Not such a bad post from a creativity standpoint. However, I am wondering if
you are using the term ~projection~ correctly. Are you referring to the
classical "defense mechanism" in psychology where a person ascribes his or her
own feelings, attitudes, etc. to someone else? For example, the person who
has a hostile feeling toward someone else might "project" that it is actually
the other person who is feeling hostile toward him or her.

If this is the case, wouldn't a "creepy-feeling" PROJECTED from my psyche onto
the "buildings, grounds, and everything" at Olcott mean that I thought that
the buildings etc. were EXPERIENCING a creepy feeling?

I don't know . . . it has been a long time since I have taken a psychology
course, so I don't want to sound too authoritative about this.

Will you be attending Summer Convention, David? (Jerry S. won't be there, so
he has asked me via private email if I would key your car for him. . . .

Best wishes and


Richard Ihle

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