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Quotes on channeling

Apr 22, 1998 10:52 PM
by Govert Schuller

As promised I would look for some quotes by the Ascended Masters and Prophet
on channeling .
Bjorn provided me with some. Here they are:

"Channeling is a mental process in which the individual who is channeling
partially or totally sets aside waking consciousness to act as a vehicle
which disembodied spirits in the astral realm or beings from outer space can
communicate. The Ascended Masters teach that the only legitimate communion
with the ascended saints of the Great White Brotherhood and that psychic
channeling is dangerous because it seriously depletes the channel, as well
those present, of “ectoplasm” (thought to produce materialization or
telekinesis)—the vital energy in the aura which provides a natural
sheath around the astral body of the soul."

Footnote 87

"Thus, beloved, it is better to increase the Light [of your Christ
than to seek after a sign or a message or an experience of some form of
channeling that is never guaranteed to be purely from the octaves of Light
and can take from you a delicate action of the aura that you are building
the higher Light and the higher Mind."

Saint Germain, Nov 86

"In our communion with the saints we do not engage in mere psychicism or
clairvoyance or channeling, as is the fad these days. But we believe that
through the agency of the Holy Spirit, and only through that agency, it is
lawful for us to receive teachings that are not written, which Jesus
promised to
send us through the Comforter, who would bring to our remembrance all those
things that he taught us 2,000 years ago."

Elizabeth Clare Prophet, April 91

"Do not jump into the arena of learning to be a psychic channel. Do not
into those areas where you again jeopardize the soul. For this channeling
is a
form of spiritism and it does rob you of the very sheath of light that does
protect the physical body and the chakras, and this energy once spent is not
Thus, when you experience exhaustion instead of a recharge in the presence
of a
channel, know that your energy is being drained to sustain that
which cannot be from an Ascended Master if it does drain you.
Therefore shun the discarnate entities that come prattling about this and
while the stakes of human existence hang. They hang heavy, beloved, for it
is a
century that can be the springboard to a golden age but more likely will go
in defeat unless such as you rise to a new fervor of determination to spread
word of the karma descending, the prophecy of the decade and its signs in
astrology of the Four Horsemen."

Phylos, June 91

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