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Re:Belief in the beyond

Apr 22, 1998 05:27 PM
by Dr A M Bain

Lmhem111 <> writes
>In a message dated 98-04-21 22:06:57 EDT, you write:
><< >An increase in belief in reincarnation is good news
> Why? >> asks Alan
>I believe, as you probably do too, that reincarnation answers the seeming
>injustices in the world, why some incarnate in poverty or poor health while
>others incarnate in riches or good health.

I do not believe this.

> It also assures us that at the end
>of the long road there is a condition of liberation and freedom from the lower
>worlds of time/space/matter. If life were a one shot, one chance opportunity,
>then there must be billions of failures. Reincarnation gives us multiple
>opportunities for growth and final ascension.

I think this idea *as a belief* is bad news, not good, as it also gives us
an "out" - eg., "Oh well, I'll sort that out in the next life." I believe that
life is a "one-shot" in Eternity, so that we can leave here [the physical]
and go one to the next stage ... and the next ... and the next .... as far as
we wish.

Maybe under certain circumstances *some* people do reincarnate.
that doesn't mean that everyone *must* reincarnate.
>I think the increasing acceptance of this positive philosophy (with its
>corollary, Karma) hopefully makes for better behaviour, and hence a better

The Karma corollary also makes for worse behavior. "I can do nothing
about this deficiency in myself - it's my karma." Also, worse behavior
on the part of others. "This person deserves all the terrible things that
happen to them because of the "bad" karma froma previous life,
therefore I need have no care nor compassion towards them. Certainly
I should never try to *help* them, as they must work out their own
karma, as I [self-righteously] have to."
>my 2 cents

My 4 cents.

Brought to you from
 West Cornwall, UK

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