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Re:Re: Belief in the beyond

Apr 24, 1998 10:41 AM
by Mark Kusek

Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:
> I can travel all the way to the supermarket, and in my imagination I am
> looking at the shelves and the things I hope to buy. I will recall some
> similar things I bought last week, some of which reminded me of my
> early meals and childhood, and in my mind's eye I am far away in my
> past, watching bullrushes blow in the wind, with my Grandma's caravan
> just across the field. On the way to the store I have negotiated seven
> miles of country roads, which in April here are replete with walkers,
> cyclists, tourists with camper vans, and local traffic in a hurry. Of this
> journey I will probably recall very little ....

Survey says: On the nosey!

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