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Re:A rather personal account of the path

Apr 20, 1998 11:42 AM
by Brenda S Tucker

>>What I
>> "saw" was how the meditation teachers were like robots and transformers,
>> receiving and conveying the "spheres of consciousness" as they
>> emanated from the
>> source, the Guru. So, in a way they did a good job, but what I also saw
was that
>> the whole "universe" as defined by this level of consciousness, was an
>> creation of a limited nature. I was able to go beyond it and see "around
it". It
>> was all illusion, and not even illusion in the highest sense.
> One of the biggest mistakes someone who has reached some level of
>"enlightenment" can make is mistaking the path for the goal. There are
>many paths (or, perhaps, only the illusion of paths), but only one goal.
>Congratulations for not losing sight of the goal while treading on the
> Bart Lidofsky

Thanks, Bjorn, for your story. I'd just like to comment on this
contradiction between living and teaching or between taking the path and
reaching the goal and say that I can see a great deal of virtue in stopping
at certain points on the path and turning back towards where we came from -
our starting point - and showering thoughts, musings, and teachings upon
people the best we can regarding the progress we have made.

I think it's really perky to try to tell of our current experience of the
goal and what it is and even though we haven't reached it we see it up
ahead and perhaps differently than ever before, so "teaching" becomes a
rather momentary lull in "reaching" again to the heights. This could be
the temporary creation that Bjorn complains about, but it is beneficial
because it still is very important that the goal remain a goal for all of
us. We all have one goal because others have bothered to straighten our
course for us.

So even if this type of experience seemed automatic or machine-like to
Bjorn, and perhaps those teachers would really have liked to have been
doing something else, they did try to put their conceptions into words and
tried to reach to others who might be in need of their insights, even if
they weren't insights occurring at the moment, but one's they remembered
and worked over in order to be able to present them.

We have insights hitting people all the time, I would think, right in our
study center situation, because when we read and discuss, anything
occurring seems to be shared with the group. Perhaps theosophy is better
suited to realizations as we view "all men as our teachers."


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