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Re:Request of informations about Lucifer magazine

Apr 20, 1998 11:43 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Welcome to the list. Internet is breaking unifying the theosophists around
the world and belonging to any of the organizations or none. Some one who
has the info that you need will respond soon.


At 01:14 PM 4/20/98 -0300, you wrote:
>Dear Co-participants in this list:
>Greetings to you all from the capital of Brazil.
>My name is Arnaldo Sisson F. (45) and I have been watching the
>flow of this list for some months. I am a member (25 years) of
>the Adyar TS. It is useful to point, however, that I have great
>respect (to say the least) to all the other theosophical groups
>or organizations.
>This is my first communication to this list. The main problem to
>have a frequent participation is, naturally, the language.
>Well, today I am sending a request about informations in relation
>to the Lucifer magazine - published last century by the Old
>Sphinx as some of you called HPB a few days ago. Marina (42, my
>wife) is a serious student of the Old Lady and she would like to
>have a collection of the Lucifer magazine to aid her studies.
>Sometime ago I read something, somewhere, that a reprint of
>Lucifer was been done. But I do not remember who or where.
>So, if someone in the list knows about this reprint, or any other
>information on Lucifer magazine, kindly inform us about that.
>Thanking you in advance for any information and with warm
>fraternal greetings to you all,
>P.S.: I am sending a similar message to the other theosophical
> list that I am also participating. So, kindly forgive me
> if some of you will read it twice.

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