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Re:Request of informations about Lucifer magazine

Apr 20, 1998 03:41 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

April 20th 1998

Dear Arnaldo:

Your and your wife's interest in LUCIFER is noted. I hope that
the following information will help you.

 LUCIFER magazine 20 volumes

20 volumes were published between 1897 and 1896 ( 2 volumes each
year ). Mme. Blavatsky died May 8th 1891, and thereafter Annie
Besant, her co-editor continued to publish LUCIFER with the help
of Mr. G.R.S.Mead, who had been one of HPB's secretaries.

HPB started the magazine, and included many very important
articles in it. Most of these have been reprinted for the use of
students in


(which is in 16 volumes, including an Index, and is expensive).

In that are included many of her notes and correspondence. Also
the editors have added a great deal of historical material. ( I
believe that the cost of the 15 volumes runs over $ 275.00 plus
shipping charges.)


The main important articles that HPB wrote have been gathered and
reprinted in 3 volumes by

 245 West 33rd ST.,
 Los Angeles, Ca., 90007

The cost of the 3 volumes is $ 48.00 plus postage -- about $
7.50. But you should get the exact cost by contacting them
directly by mail at that address. An Index is at the back of
Vol. 3.

The early articles by HPB were reprinted in "Modern Panarion," a
photographic copy of the original edition is available ( $
16.000 ) from Theosophy Company, Los Angeles. All the original
writings of Mme. Blavatsky have been reprinted by THEOSOPHY

The Edmonton, Canada, T S has published an

 Index for all the 20 volumes of LUCIFER.

I am not sure that they reprinted the actual original volumes,
but you can contact them directly by Email at:

and ask about their publications.

If you get in touch with the following Internet Web-site you will
find a complete display of what can be viewed, downloaded and
made available to an inquirer who wants the original writings of
HPB, and others, such as you:

In France there is:

If I can be of further assistance, please let me know.

 Sincerely and fraternally yours,

>From: "M K Ramadoss" <>
>Date: Monday, April 20, 1998 12:00 PM
>Subject: Re:Request of informations about Lucifer

>Welcome to the list. Internet is breaking unifying the
theosophists around
>the world and belonging to any of the organizations or none.
Some one who
>has the info that you need will respond soon.
>At 01:14 PM 4/20/98 -0300, you wrote:
>>Dear Co-participants in this list:
>>Greetings to you all from the capital of Brazil.
>>My name is Arnaldo Sisson F. (45) and I have been watching the
>>flow of this list for some months. I am a member (25 years) of
>>the Adyar TS. It is useful to point, however, that I have great
>>respect (to say the least) to all the other theosophical groups
>>or organizations.
>>This is my first communication to this list. The main problem
>>have a frequent participation is, naturally, the language.
>>Well, today I am sending a request about informations in
>>to the Lucifer magazine - published last century SNIP

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