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Re:The Masters are REAL and they are HERE

Apr 20, 1998 03:45 PM
by Brenda S Tucker

>> What if a typical "cool jerk" instead
>>of a noble "doctor of philosophy" experiences truth and tries to talk about
>>it? Will the world listen?
>Will the world listen to either, anymore than to HPB or the Masters.
>It is living in the world and not being of it.

You know, Tony, this is really a beautiful thought. It's not so much what
we have to say that's important. What's important is that our understanding
of powerful methods of keeping the world safe and of producing an
atmosphere here that is conducive to life and learning is such that we are
using our fullest potential in keeping our freedom, our ideals, and our
morals in activity and preventing wrongdoing. To what extent isn't really
relevant, I suppose, because rather than feeling powerless and at the mercy
of forces, we feel empowered, ennobled and capable of living fuller lives.

I would really like to share an idea about what theosophy teaches, because
I find what I have been learning in the I AM Temple to be supportive of
theosophy's teachings IN A NEW WAY. I would really like for everyone in
America to hear about seven races in the way that I think HPB meant it when
she wrote the SD. Do you think it possible that some day there will be a
news story and announcement about a new reading of a 100 year old literary
work? Do you think it just might BE SUPPOSED by people everywhere that
dinosaurs went extinct on earth because evolution occurs in stages and part
of the great ascension of the dinosaurs was accompanied by a descent of
humans. I mean, it's no great secret. This is obvious, except I don't
think I've ever heard it supposed that men were "inside" the bodies of
dinosaurs, paired with them as an androgynous being on an inner level,
until a second ascent of the dinosaur and a second descent of the human,
left man here on earth physically, with dinosaurs being present in an
ethereal conditionl, exerting little influence on the physical world, but
perhaps still learning something from observing man here on earth.

>>Try to think for a minute how much mental energy can actually be exchanged
>>between a dinosaur, for example, and a human being! This is the way that I
>>picture ascended masters in their dealings with us. I don't mind the idea
>>that we are teaching the dinosaurs to talk, to move, to build, to care for
>>young, old, and feeble, and things like food foraging, but these are side
>>issues, because the whole event (in my mind) takes place not only to
>>further the evolution of the beings who are here and resident on earth, but
>>also to allow the "creation" and "active exploration" of physical vehicles
>do you mean just physical vehicles?

If I was existing in a "Presence" (something like a soul body) and the only
external form was the dinosaur, I would do everything possible to CHANGE
that external form to suit my life. I would still have all of my inner
principles and so would the beast, only the beast would be interested in
traveling out of their cycle of existence and I would just be entering into
my "cycle of existence" as a second race of man.

>>for those existing on a higher plane. If I were to enter into association
>>with the masters (because humans obviously have the earth now and no
>>present contact with dinosaurs), I would imagine my mind would be so active
>>taking it all in that I would have little time to focus on assuming any of
>>the physical activities involved in the "androgynous" pairing of two

>This comes over as an odd statement. Why are you bringing in

In the SD it says that the sixth race of man is an androgynous race, as was
the second race. I'm bringing it in because, I suppose, I was originally
attracted into the study of theosophy after reading THE YOGA SUTRAS, and
the idea of liberation from rebirth greatly appeals to me. Here at the TS,
I am able to temper this ideal of liberation with the ideal of achieving
adeptship, but since my studies have taken me into association with the
teachings of the I AM Temple and since beginning the study of Vol II, SD,
Anthropogenesis, I understand that my glimpse into adeptship is more like
looking at them and their work and communicating with them, rarth than in
becoming an adept in the near future.

So an adept to me is a being in the next kingdom of nature. After we are
men for seven rounds (of which we are in the fourth), then we become
qualified as a being in the next kingdom.

>>If I could be allowed to live as "pure mental energy," I could
>>focus my mind on how to accomplish things I observed as well as how to
>>continue participation with other human beings (mentally) and it's no
>>simple answer all of the time how to move from point A to point B,
>>logically. Even the best human mentalities are going to be stumped with
>>observing beings not just one simple evolutionary step beyond man, but
>>seven (or in a sense, even 49 separate globe periods). It takes the animal
>>or dinosaur 7 rounds, equalling 49 globes, equalling 7 races times the 49,
>>before the beast will be human under the proposed SD theory.
>And they might still not meet the deadline, after all that time!
>> When we use
>>all of our senses, even with masters stepping down the teaching to us, we
>>are going to have to expend considerable mental energy

>Are you sure it would be expending mental energy....we could be
>restoring/rebuilding or building.

I don't pretend to be able to accomplish what they can with their powers,
but if I ever exhibit powers through my physical body and in my
surroundings, I would NOW, with my current comprehension of things, presume
that it were a being of the next kingdom, existing in me at an inner level,
that had accomplished a "miraculous feat" or exhibition of powers. When I
try to ponder how this is done, it becomes an exercise in futility largely,
because it is like asking a dinosaur to paint a picture.

>Sorry to be so tiresome but could you explain again what an ascended master
>is? Do you see KH as an ascended Master? Just above you write "So while
>this process of ascension is going on" - it is difficult to grasp what you
>mean by this even though you have been explaining it.

We are used to viewing the ascended masters as beings in full
manifestation. I would say that the kingdom as a whole is at the level of a
first race manifestation, which means they are largely unphysical yet. If
an exchange occurs between the human and adept KINGDOMS, then it would mean
that slowly the AMs would assume our physical vehicles and ALL of the
physical vehicles on earth and would transform them into those physical
forms which are appropriate for them.

When we "picture" ascended masters, we see them as human. Can anyone
explain likenesses we have of the Masters? I view them as human forms which
have had their human life ascend into a sixth race androgynous presence and
there is enough controlling influence achieved by a being of the next
kingdom through its simultaneous existence in this "presence" as to allow
it fullest possible expression of "powers" and other life energies to pour
forth into the world and thus working for the divine unfoldment of the plan
of this kingdom while allowing the divine plan of the human kingdom to
occur in this "paired" existence.

But, under a law of correspondence, those later dinosaur forms which may
have been doubly ensouled, didn't fully do justice to humanity as we know
it. It took countless ages before our work on the physical form of the
dinosaur made us recognizable. At first the humans were rather gigantic. I
even think that we had scientists back then who were able to effect changes
genetically in their vehicles, but you are free to speculate how you like.
The little mammals and plant and animal life that we see around us were
somehow needed by we humans to establish a "thinking" activity. After all,
we are developing our minds in order that we can grasp the secrets of the
universe. It does help us to have empirical evidence of nature's laws.

What do you think?


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