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Re:A rather personal account of the path

Apr 19, 1998 08:34 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Bjorn Roxendal wrote:

> Later I have come to see Maharishi as a "false teacher", perhaps able to guide
> his students to "higher states of consciousness", but not to integration with
> ultimate truth. This realization came to me while attending a meditation/yoga
> intensive retreat led by his instructors. I began to almost physically perceive
> the force field we were all a part of, as we practiced the techniques and had
> lectures on the "path" from a practical and philosophical standpoint. What I
> "saw" was how the meditation teachers were like robots and transformers,
> receiving and conveying the "spheres of consciousness" as they emanated from the
> source, the Guru. So, in a way they did a good job, but what I also saw was that
> the whole "universe" as defined by this level of consciousness, was an imaginary
> creation of a limited nature. I was able to go beyond it and see "around it". It
> was all illusion, and not even illusion in the highest sense.

 One of the biggest mistakes someone who has reached some level of
"enlightenment" can make is mistaking the path for the goal. There are
many paths (or, perhaps, only the illusion of paths), but only one goal.
Congratulations for not losing sight of the goal while treading on the

 Bart Lidofsky

P.S. Sexy Sadie DID break the rules...

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