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Re: A rather personal account of the path

Apr 21, 1998 03:28 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

April 21 1998

Dear Bjorn:

In the search for wisdom one goes through many concepts and

The main thing is to look for that which is reasonable - "common
sense." Certainly Buddha's statements are "common sense." So,
too, are Krishna's in the BHAGAVAD GITA. But both take a good
deal of study.

It does very little good flitting from "authority" to "authority"
unless one is able to gather from those ideas valuable concepts,
that can be brought together and welded into a comprehensible
system of understanding. WE each do this for ourselves.

Like all sciences, the esoteric philosophy has a solid basis.
That has to be used once it is grasped.

I the matter of studying and making use of THEOSOPHY: I advocate
going back to the source, the basic texts we all know are
HPB's -- what others may have constructed from there may or may
not be accurate. We have to study to find out. Why should
Theosophy be considered more reliable than any other set of
teachings ? For myself I find it very basic. Also what HPB has
to say fits in logically with the basis that anyone can
understand. It also provides bridges that span the diversity of
creeds, religions and philosophies and opens the door to many
developments in Science which, in the past 100 years have
developed from ideas to be found originally in the S D.

Anyone who really knows HPB can easily find out whether Judge,
AB, CWL ,G de P, B de Z, and a host of other writers since HPB's
knew what they were writing about. (Please include me in the
list. )

It is not the quantity that counts, but the quality.

This is what I have been forced to arrive at after many years.

>From: "Bjorn Roxendal" <>
>Date: Sunday, April 19, 1998 8:21 PM
>Subject: A rather personal account of the path

>I think I was born a Buddhist (although my parents had almost no
>spiritual inclinations during those days). The teachings of the
Buddha have
>always seemed so natural, true and practical to me. >him/her

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