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Re:Science Conference

Apr 17, 1998 10:18 AM
by Eldon B Tucker

> The International Theosophical Society, established in 1875 in NY, by
>H.P.Blavatsky and H.S.Olcott. The property in Adyar, Madras, India become
>the International Headquarter since 1882.
> Today, TS is established in 60 countries, with 32,000 members in all the
> A "National Section" only make sense if the organization is
>"International", and yours statements are the same in any country.


In the 1890's there was a split in the T.S. One part had most of
the American Section, and had it's HQ in New York. It established
branches in other countries and became a world-wide T.S. It was
headed by W. Q. Judge. Katherine Tingley succeeded him, and it moved
it's HQ to Point Loma. Then came G. de Purucker, A. L. Conger,
James A. Long, and the current International President is
Grace F. Knocke. During Purucker's time, the T.S. sold its
large Point Loma estate and moved to Covina. Then during Conger's
time it moved to its current location in Pasadena, California.

This T.S. is referred to as the T.S. Pasadena, because that's
where it's International HQ is located. Several subscribers to
theos-talk are members.

The other part of the split was the T.S. membership that went
with Col. Olcott and Annie Besant. It had the International
HQ at Adyar, India, and most of the membership outside America.

This T.S. is referred to as the T.S. Adyar, because that's
where it's International HQ is located. More theos-talk
subscribers belong to it, because it currently has a much-larger

It's possible to belong to either of these societies and
be a member for years and never learn that the other one
exists. In the past 10 years, though, there's been some
movement among theosophical groups to network with each
other, and nowadays there's a good deal of warmth and
cooperation between the different groups.

-- Eldon

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