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Science Conference

Apr 17, 1998 02:30 PM
by Thoa Thi-Kim Tran

>Perhaps you went to the *other* American Section's home page?
>There are *two* international theosophical societies, one with
>international headquarters in Adyar, India, and national headquarters
>in Wheaton, Illinois. This is probably the one you were thinking of.
>The *other* one has both national and international headquarters
>in Pasadena, California, and Alan Donant is the head of it's
>American Section, the equalivant in that T.S. of whan John Algeo
>is in the other one.

Yep, I did go to the other section. Boy, I'm so confused with all these
theosophical branches, neo-theosophical branches and mixed breeds. I was
looking at application information for the TSA, and found dues for the
Society, dues for National, and then dues for local Lodges. The dues were
reasonable. However, it makes me wonder whether I would be joining in the
right section, area, side of the coin. Why are there two international
theosophical societies? Any difference? Anyway, the objects look the
same. Whatever the reality may be, the stated objects correlate with my

Thoa :o)

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