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Re:The Circle

Apr 17, 1998 03:24 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

April 17th

Dear Than:O

Agreed, but as to reversal of organs, maybe, and perhaps, but not
necessarily, although I encountered that view years ago -- Also
as to seeing one's self as images either fore or aft -- if we are
limited to one et of senses then indeed, memory would put in our
minds a vision of the past in terms which we understand. Why
confuse us by putting it, say, in a smear of colors or a chord of
notes, with no clue as to how to disentangle the meaning from
what one sees or hears ? I do not think that Nature deliberately
tries to confuse us, at the level of perception in which we are

However when one goes into an "altered state" perhaps there we
encounter shapes, sounds, colors and experiences which we as
3-dimensional people in the "here and now" can only interpret
(when we return to 'waking' consciousness) in familiar

Some claim to have experienced marvelous things in "altered
states," but who was the "Experiencer ?" And, of what value is
such an experience ? Does it have any relevance to our way of
current living or the decisions that will shape our future ? Or
is it something we marvel at, and desire to renew because of its
strangeness ?

I wonder if you are familiar with Mr. Judge's OCEAN OF THEOSOPHY.
I mentioned this some weeks/months ago, because in Chapters 16
and 17 he gives a survey of the "astral field" of experience and
the rules, laws, and experiences one can expect to encounter. I
found it valuable to have that well established in my memory. It
is a good point of reference and is quite in line with what HPB
has stated on the same subject, but he has brought many scattered
fragments into one place there.

I also agree that the UNKNOWABLE dwells in and can be sensed in
our Heart.

 All the best to you, as always, Dallas

>From: "Thoa Thi-Kim Tran" <>
>Date: Friday, April 17, 1998 2:58 AM
>Subject: The Circle


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