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The Circle

Apr 17, 1998 02:20 PM
by Thoa Thi-Kim Tran

>>Thoa :o) wrote:
>> Imagine that each increase in
>>dimension brings us closer to the Reality. Ultimately, it could be one big
>>infinitely hyper (hyper-hyper-hyper, etc.) sphere or circle. Oubreath,
>>inbreath, outbreath, inbreath.
>If anything, surely it would be decrease in dimension, reality being
>dimensionless. And is it Oubreath, inbreath, outbreath, inbreath? Perhaps
>it is outbreath, all breath, inbreath, etc...., or did the "," denote the
>all breath, the opportunity to spiral.

As in contemplating anything and trying to compare it to what cannot be
described, I was using the theories concretely and not concretely. Our
real world in some ways reflects the Real and yet does not. I think our
real world provides clues, though. If I thought about the logic of the
increase in dimensions, then my conclusion fails. However, I made a leap
of faith, and thought of us 3-dimensioners as already living in the
infinitely hyper sphere world. To the infinitely dimensional mind, it is
only One. In our 3-dimensional mind, everything is myriad and separated,
as it already appears to us. Because of our 3-dimensional mind, we cannot
see the one "I"ness of all that is, and we cannot see the effect our
actions have on the one "I"ness that is ultimately ourselves.

It would be useless to follow the theory totally logically in trying to
analyze the Unknown. Dimensionality and whether it actually increases or
decreases is only our description. Also, the myriad separations of our
illusion are not identical, but contain various matter, space, energy, and

Stanza 3 (8) would describe what I am trying to say:

"Where was the germ and where was now darkness? Where is the spirit of the
flame that burns in thy lamp, Oh Lanoo? The germ is that, and that is
light; the white brilliant son of the dark hidden father."

This Stanza contains the question that is also the answer of where that
flame of consciousness burns. It burns within all of us. In each of us is
the same flame that is the Flame of the Universal Mind.

and Stanza 3 (10):

"Father-Mother spin a web whose upper end is fastened to Spirit (Purusha),
the light of the one Darkness, and the lower one to Matter (Prakriti) its
(the Spirit's) shadowy end; and this web is the Universe spun out of the
two substances made in one, which is Swabhavat."

The web extends from "Spirit" to all points of consciousness. It extends
to and yet is all consciousness.

For a visual idea of this, you can look at a picture on Mark Kusek's web site:

As far as the breathing, who really knows? It could also be
hyper-to-infinity-ventilating. :o)

Thoa :o)

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