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The Circle

Apr 17, 1998 02:19 PM
by Thoa Thi-Kim Tran

>Ever seen a Moebus strip, or made one ?

Yes, and if a flatlander were to walk on it, the flatlander would
eventually reverse his/her internal organs.

As for a regular strip with ends connected into a circle, imagine yourself
a flatlander, who will see that strip (his/her world) as one long flat
distance, and who cannot discern the curve in the paper. The flatlander
looking "straight ahead" and "straight behind" will see many repetions of

>But not everything is related to the mere physical, which even
>scientifically is the obstruction to our sense of perception
>which the whirling of atoms and their components present -- much
>like the whirling fan blades present a barrier to an exploring

>And yet, the Mind is not daunted by such exploration -- so is it
>not of a nature that encompasses the infinite as well as the
>finite at our will and bidding ? Dallas

Everything that is within our ability to sense are clues. There's no way
we can grasp the Unknowable. And yet somehow, we know It in our heart.

Thoa :o)

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