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Re:Govert Schuller on the Masters

Apr 17, 1998 01:23 PM
by Govert Schuller

>Govert Schuller wrote:
>> Meanwhile I am contemplating the possibility that the Masters changed
>> of their policies. I see no reason why They could not be flexible in the
>> packaging of theosophy, while maintaining the integrity of its contents.
>> Situations change, messengers change, the public changes, astrological
>> configurations change, cycles change etc.
>Daniel Caldwell replies:
>Govert, since the death of Madame Blavatsky, there have been
>dozens of individuals claiming to be in contact with HPB's
>Masters, . . . claiming to be new messengers from the Mahatmas &
>. . . claiming to give more and newer esoteric teachings.
>Do you believe that all these claims are true? That all
>of these individuals have actually been in contact with
>Blavatsky's Teachers? Might not fraud or delusion
>be at the bottom of at least some of these claims?

Most, if not almost all are bogus claims. I heard that once in the 80s at a
Whole Life Expo in Los Angeles there were eight individuals channeling Saint
Germain. If something ludicrous as that happens you might be tempted to
denounce the whole phenomenon as bogus, which might just be the strategy of
the force. Meanwhile, if there is a chance that one of these messengers
might be genuine, how to find out? What criteria will be valid to determine
whether a messenger is genuine or not? I have referred before to criteria
like vibration, transformational effects and content. Another one (or two)
has to do with historical criteria: is the content of the messages
reflecting a certain awareness of past messengers and movements? And are the
statements in harmony with the facts? The other 'historical' criterion I
like is: does the alleged messenger and movement fit into a certain logic of
historical development. For example I still amazed by the fact that Guy
Ballard was allegedly contacted by Saint Germain one year after K had
dissolved the Order of the Star. Coincidence? Or the work of the Masters,
implementing a contingency plan?


P.S. Thanks for posting those great quotes by HPB. I would have no problems
with Prophet coming out with a similar denouncement of channelers. Actually
she did and I'll try to get some quotes to see how they compare.

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