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Re:mediums and ascended?

Apr 06, 1998 11:07 AM
by Jeffrey Michael Hoover


Govert Schuller wrote:
> >For further details, bring up Gurus Up The Ladder:
> >
> This is an essay by a moderately disgruntled ex-member of the Keepers of the
> Flame Fraternity.

Bjorn wrote:
> I thought Szimhrdt was an active and militant "deprogrammer"?

My thoughts exactly! Govert must be karmically tied to Szimhart, thus driving
him to bring up his misguided information? I personally sat in a deprogramming
session with Szimhart last fall. He is WAY off base. Szimhart doesn't even
believe in chakras! For example, he wrote to me the following quote regarding
Caroline Myss, a nationally known intuitive that has trained under a personal

Joe szimhart wrote: Tuesday, March 31, 1998 11:20 PM:
>Thanks for the propaganda on Myss, but she was very unimpressive on a
>recent PBS lecture, in my view. She talked about chakras, for instance,
>as if they existed, and as if she has an authentic view of what they are
>and how to use them outside of the Vedic cultural context. I believe she
>fails on both counts.



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