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Apr 06, 1998 11:20 AM
by Jeffrey Michael Hoover


Bart Lidofsky wrote:
> I said currently claiming the title. HPB, and others of her time, had
> contact with Mahatmas and their chelas, and not just channeled content. And
she did
> not elicit confessions from their members, promised to destroy them, and kept
> for future reference. Nor did she preach sexual faithfulness while cheating
on her
> husband. Nor did she advocate members stockpiling weapons, nor did she sell
> weapons at wildly inflated prices. Now, which person claiming to be a
messenger did
> all of the above?

Bjorn Wrote:
> Only a messenger cooked up by the press and VERY partial critics.

 One major source of distorted reality surrounding the current Messenger
comes from a very angry, fanatical, disabled, divorced, ex-member that lives in
Livingston named Peter Arnone. I have had conversations with Arnone and found
he lives to criticize the current Messenger with all sorts of mis-guided
notions about reality and unresolved personal psychological issues. It is
unfortunate because I really kind of like Arnone. He seems nice enough to
direct his energy in worth-while endeavors and really do the world some good!



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