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Re:mediums and ascended?

Apr 06, 1998 12:00 PM
by Phillips Spencer

There are three different vision of the SD available to the public, I am
going out on a lame and said here and know that these are all
counterfeits of the original. HPB was the only one giver the knowledge
that is contained within the covers of the "Book of the Golden Precepts"
and the "Book of DZYAN" that I know of, and if there was another maybe
William Q. Judge. For truly only "One Who Knows" as Mr. Judge could
express the fundamental teaching of Theosophy and The Secret Doctrine
that One may discovered within "The Ocean of Theosophy:" by W.Q. Judge
Copyright 1915 by the United Lodge of Theosophist, and 1987 by the
Theosophy Company.

> From: "Psyche (Kirsten)" <>
> Date: Monday, April 06, 1998 1:20 PM
> Subject: Re:mediums and ascended?
> Hello everyone. I've been reading the conversations here with great
> interest for some time now and have been meaning to ask: How many
> versions of SD have been published and which one is everyone using
> here? I find quotes with volume and page numbers that don't
> correspond
> to the set that I have. My set contains 5 volumes with a separate
> index
> totalling 6 volumes that are blue hardbacks and was published by the
> Theosophical Publishing House in 1938. They were ~GIVEN~ to me as
> well
> as every issue of the Quest that I did not have. In fact her
> collection
> of magazines stopped right where mine started which I thought was very
> interesting. But I am curious about what version of the SD everyone
> here is using. Thanks.
> Kirsten

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