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Re:mediums and ascended?

Apr 06, 1998 12:41 PM
by Alpha (Tony)

Kirsten wrote:
> How many
>versions of SD have been published and which one is everyone using
>here? I find quotes with volume and page numbers that don't correspond
>to the set that I have. My set contains 5 volumes with a separate index
>totalling 6 volumes that are blue hardbacks and was published by the
>Theosophical Publishing House in 1938. They were ~GIVEN~ to me as well
>as every issue of the Quest that I did not have. In fact her collection
>of magazines stopped right where mine started which I thought was very
>interesting. But I am curious about what version of the SD everyone
>here is using. Thanks.

The original and second editions published in 1888, and facsimiles thereof,
are "The Secret Doctrine" by HPB and the Masters.
All the others are versions of it, and it is up to folk to decide which one
they choose to study.
In 1893, just 2 years after HPBs death, the first of the versions of the SD
was published, with thousands of alterations, thus removing the occult keys.
A comparison (with reflection) of the various editions soon makes this apparent.
It is interesting, for example, that in the original edition page [60] is
unnumbered, and the verbatim reprint recently put on the net (up to c. page
300) observes/keeps to this.
HPB died in her 60th year. 60 is an important cycle, and so on.
And in the verbatim reprint referred to, on putting "FIND 7" for the PROEM,
seven sevens are found.
The Theosophy Co.; and The Theosophical University Press, Pasadena, truly do
a wonderful service in supplying copies of the facsimile.
The lower mind/personality approach soon made/makes short work of the
pristine purity of the original. This point is made several times in the SD.
ps. As you mention magazines, it is interesting to note that "The
Theosophist", while under the editorship of HPB and under the influence of
the Masters, was in a folio format. When HPB was forced to leave Adyar (and
thus also the influence of the Masters), the format changed to octavo.

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