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Re:Brain size and intelligence

Aug 26, 1997 05:23 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Re: P.Harris/Neanderthal brain capacity, etc.

As I have read and studied, this is what I have learned:

1. The physical evidence is not the only evidence to consider.

2. There is the astral brain and presumably as we proceed from
"principle to principle" inward in man's 7-fold consititution
there are corresponding levels of use and sensitivity --
admittedly this is surmise. But: the 7 "principles" are a
valuable peice of information to consider in addition to the

3. Abnormal brains have been chronicled in several places,
including, down the years in THEOSOPHY (Los Angles magazine - now
in its 84th Vol.) in the section: ON THE LOOKOUT -- if references
are desired I'll be glad to provide.

4. Apparently after transfer to the "astral brain" the work of
the physical is over. The astral brain is said to work within
and also outside the physical brain space limits. The
"convolutions" are said to be an index on this physical plan of
the capacity and complexity of the "intelligence."

5. Intelligence can apparently be of several kinds: instinctive,
inherent (by heredity--here too Theosophy recognizes several
levels, as the physical would be only evidence in physical matter
of the astral working behind and within it), emotional,
passionate, self-willed thought (including memory,
discrimination, fore-thought or anticipation, and creative),

HPB's PSYCHIC & NOETIC ACTION is one of the more valuable
articles dealing with this.

6 Size and capacity of instinctual/intellectual function are not
necessarily to be guaged from the physical brain size or
appearance. But, for us, at present, the physical is all we can
draw on as a basis.

7 Apart from this, there wells up in each human the awareness of
being an Individual, of the power of making his own independent

> Legally, this is associated with moral responsibility. The
> making prcise of such leaga/moral/ethical respo- sibility is
> constantly being reviewed in law. But its existence is not
> denied. [ SD II 79, 484 ]

> Theosophy traces this to the Atmic, to the Higher Self within the
> eternal human, which perceives the thoughts and actions of the
> personal and the physiological man but cannot take executive
> control over the physical because it is the duty and the learning
> process of self-responsibility that belongs to the "Embodied
> Consciousness" -- our Personal Self as presently in our personal,
> physical bodies. [ SD I 247, II 79; TRANSACTIONS OF THE
> BLAVATSKY LODGE, pp 65-76; KEY TO THEOSOPHY, pp. 91-2, 135-6,
> 175-6 ]

> This multiple leveled condition which psychology in the West has
> been trying to decipher was well known in the East, hence
> Theosophy posits the Seven Principles in Universe and man. [ SD
> II 593, 596 632-3, 639-41 ]

For those interested in references in the SD we could offer:

> 2 "rays" in Man SD I 167, 570-3, 638-9, Undying Atma-Buddhi-Manas
> SD I 243

All good wishes in your own research, for greater accuracy in
considering the past evolution of Mankind try some of the 2nd
vol. of the SD -- if the INDEX is used as a basis for precise
information on specifics, the work may proove easier than you

> It is modern Science that will eventually find itself attuned to
> Theosophical principles. The history of Theosophical research is
> to be found described in SD I 272-3.

All good wishes to all

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