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Re:Neanderthal Man

Aug 26, 1997 02:43 PM
by Estela Luna

Hello again, comming back from vacation.

I follow (Thanks to dear friend Eldon) the interesting discussion
on the discoveries on the Nehandertal. As a biology graduate, i
have to say something (Not so much, cause your back-back quoting
was very large and i got some tired of reading it all in a single

*Yes Bart, i think we agree in your point (resumed) that the
Postulates of Theosophy have, as science, to be verified as
rigoursly as science itself.

*We have to understand that, even if Blavatsky was a very well
versed and an amazing woman, we have to understand her
postulates, ideas (and all of the global context of theosophy) in
a 19 century basis, because was the century she was living.Not
even Nostradamus could understand his prophecies,(and he was a
prophet) less Blavatsky, that only had the Mahatmas point of
view, and , as the evangelies, their ideas were put out of
context in the course of the posterior translations.

*As i said here before, First and secound races, a "vaporing
floating eter"? That is a body? c'mon.... Maybe i'm too
rigourous of Theosophy, but my scientific background cannot
believe that we evolved (our atmas, or monads) of some wierd
vapor floating in an "astral earth"? Gee...

*Remember what someone of you 3 in discussion (Richtay,Bart,Rich)
said: (And even Blavatsky mentioned it brefly) that the next root
race evolves from the anterior race -the most evolved from the
ancient race- That taught is even comprobed by the science of
ecology , where the new races and subraces of animals and plants
are created by the separation of the races, (isolation) and then
it mutes (the Devas and elfes right on schedule,as a theosophist
would say) for then being more ADAPTED TO ADVERSE SITUATIONS (the
atlantic and lemurian floods and volcanic eruptions) So?

Don't think it too much. in the same text is the answer.

*The king-sized human could be, but i think not so tall as they
said. i can believe it cause there it is said of some wierd
archeologic discoveries of gigantic human ossaments (about 3-5
meters-i don't know feet) And i don't think that the monad
ancestor was one of them. maybe, as Nehandertal, some variety of
sub-race less adapted.

*Of course, haven't you taught that Nehandertal could have been
the phisical body of the first of secound subraces?? (Maybe homo
erectus the first and Nehandertal the secound)

Is more logical to me that some odd vapor...

I DO believe in astral, but that theory i think is too
fantasious.... See it logicaly!!

*Blavatsky said, the third, the lemurean, the fourth, the
atlantean, Clara Codd in her book says that the third race was
more like the black race of our time (Also Edward shure in his
book the great initiates) and that the fourth race was the so
called red race (and also-i think- a branch of the asian race)
Remember the old legends of the natives of America (all the
continent) that say of the origins of their race, in a lost
continent in the sea...etc.

*I also agree with you folks that the Theosophy has to be seen
now on a Modern science context, and they two can (And i believe
are efforts on two sides) to review Theosophy for our almost new
21 century, with the technology available (as internet) so it
doesn't get stucked as some old crap from anterior centuries.

We scientists have the responsibility to do that. i believe we
can. (I forget what else was going to say)

See you soon

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